A beautiful view of midtown Atlanta, Georgia Tech visible on the lower left, and Tech Square in the center. Blue skies.

Techlanta: Georgia's Tech Transformation


Thanks in part to America's No. 7 public university, Georgia Tech, Atlanta is being hailed as a tech hub by everyone from highly skilled technology-focused college graduates to leaders of major corporations — and all the key players in between.


Georgia Tech is a key cog in the Atlanta technology hub.

Survey says: Atlanta! Yes, Atlanta is now all the rage as a growing technology hub and a prime location for exploring progressive opportunity once you’ve graduated with that STEM degree.

The headlines have been screaming it: “Atlanta Named One of Top 10 U.S. Cities for Innovation.” “Atlanta's Tech Scene Is Growing Startups in Incubators, Universities, and Accelerators.” “Atlanta Named Top 5 Tech Talent Market, Sees Tech Jobs and Wages Increase.”

The city has also been ranked No. 6 on Innovation Leader’s list of the Top 10 Cities for Corporate Innovation and No. 4 on InfoWorld’s list of 10 Cities with Fast-Emerging Tech Hubs.

The stories behind these kinds of headlines are why major corporations are moving to Atlanta, startups continue to settle in hotspots like Tech Square, and highly qualified talent remains abundant in the area as tech-focused college students tap into the research opportunities surrounding them and new graduates colonize the place that nurtured their talent — to capitalize on that talent.

In other words, whether you’re a student seeking out internship or co-op prospects, a recent college graduate looking to land a high-paying job in a fiercely sought-after technology hub, an entrepreneur eager to take advantage of incubator or accelerator support, or an established enterprise ready to invest in that next innovation center ...

Atlanta is the place to be to Create the Next.


Smiling young professionals shaking hands at a table

Job Market

More and more, college graduates are eyeing Atlanta as a premier career destination, given its positive employment outlook — especially in the tech sector.

A Georgia Tech student intern speaks with her Delta supervisor

Major Corporations

Converging at the heart of Midtown Atlanta is a potent mix of heavyweight brands keen to benefit from being surrounded by and having ready access to Georgia Tech.

A photo of Tech Square viewed from the 5th street bridge

Tech Square

Georgia Tech’s community in Midtown Atlanta is densely populated with startups, accelerators, incubators, established corporations, and innovation centers.

the Create-X expo, with many people mingling and viewing innovative ideas

Startup Support

Georgia Tech provides startup support for entrepreneurs of any industry and affiliation — as long as they are serious about boosting Georgia's economy.

Growth & Development

Georgia Tech has played a pivotal part in Atlanta’s progress and, by extension, in the forward motion of Georgia’s economic development.

Entrepreneurs and startup supporters mingle in Georgia Tech's ACDC meeting space

The Tech-Atlanta Cycle

Atlanta’s economy keeps booming, major tech companies keep converging, and the talent keeps staying. And so on — it's a flourishing self-propelling cycle.